Movies about the unequal relations (Woman and a young man)

In recent years, there have been more and more marriages where the woman is much older than her partner. Some people are ironic about it, others express sympathy; there are even those who are certain that such marriages cannot have a happy ending. One way or another, the gossiping behind the couple’s back does not die down with the passing of time.

Yet, the fact that some women have a love relationship with younger men is primarily caused by demographics. Most ladies hope to meet a man that would “fit” their age. But there are not enough men in this age group: some of them married, some are completely "worn out", others are only interested in young women... At the same time, young men whose childhood was spent in a less puritanical society are open to new trends.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that young men like mature women. Inexperienced young girl may injure sting the man not only with her behavior, but also with words. Experienced women are different: a mature woman knows herself well enough to be confident in who she is, what she wants and from whom. She is generous with praise, often not entirely deserved, because she knows how it feels to be underestimated. Mature woman reads a man like a book. He need not confess his sins to her - she already knows about them. Mature woman is straightforward and honest. She immediately tells the man that he behaves like a moron if it is indeed the case. On the other hand, he will never have to be ashamed of her behavior.

Sexologists and psychologists claim that the odds are high that such "unequal" relationships remain stable and sustainable. The fact is that the age of the husband engourages the woman once again to keep herself in good shape; as a result, the husband’s libido is high which is undoubtedly beneficial to both spouses.

And yet, there are almost as many disadvantages in such a elationship as there are advantages. Life of such a couple is constantly in the spotlight. Therefore, both partners have to go through a lot of prejudice and abandon the stereotypes before they stop paying attention to the difference in age.

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